If only we didn’t have to pay pesky bills for things like electricity, rent, and groceries, then fitting cigars into a budget would be much easier! However, enjoying excellent smokes on a tight allowance is possible — if you know how to make savvy financial decisions. Thankfully, we’re here to help with just that. Here are four apps that can help you save money PLUS four excellent cigars that represent great value for money. 


Mint is a great place to begin your budgeting journey. It’s free, easy to sync with your credit card and savings account, and it allows you to set limits to different types of spending based on your budgeting goals. 


Honey isn’t a budgeting app, per se, but it can help you save money on products you plan to purchase. That’s because Honey automatically looks for coupon codes when you shop online and can help you score discounts you might otherwise miss out on. 


Budgeting alone is hard. Budgeting with a partner can be even more challenging. Enter, Honeydue — an app designed to help significant others budget together. With Honeydue, you can sync shared and separate accounts, set up reminders for bills, and set monthly limits for yourself and for your partner. 


Want to dip your toe into making investments in the stock market without risking too much? Then Acorns may be the app for you. Acorns automatically rounds up your spare change on regular purchases and applies it to your investing account. This is an excellent tool for hands-off investors and beginners!

Best Cigars for the Money

Chillin Moose Shady Moose — a cigar with a Moose on it will always catch the eye, but don’t let the branding fool you; these smokes deliver the goods. Indeed, one of the newest releases in the line, the Connecticut-Shade-wrapped Shady Moose, recently drew praise from Halfwheel for its “fantastic construction” and “very enjoyable experience.” 


For years, Quorum has been known as one of the go-to budget-friendly cigars in the industry. That’s because it offers a solid smoking experience at a bargain price. Stocking up on cigars like Quorum can be a great way to balance your budget. 

Casa de Garcia Nicaragua

Looking for a bargain cigar that provides some Nicaraguan spice? Then look no further than Casa de Garcia Nicaragua. For generally less than $2 a cigar, this is a savvy way to try Nicaraguan tobacco without compromising your finances.

Drew Estate Factory Smokes 

This value smoke from Drew Estate is a fan favorite and certainly worth checking out  — particularly if you don’t mind sweet-tipped cigars. 

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    (2 months ago)

    Man o man the CHILLIN MOOSE is a boat load of flavor without spinning your head. I love it! Easy draw, nice even burn. Forced myself to give it 2 weeks in its own Humidor,isolated from the other smokes. Paired with a dark rum, chilled...Heaven.

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    (2 months ago)

    I am interested in the casa de Garcia Nicaraguan. Might be a good choke quantum is tempting