If you’re a golfer and a cigar lover, there’s no doubt you’ve found yourself in a predicament. It’s time to take your shot, but you don’t want to put your premium cigar on the ground where it could get wet, blown away, or covered in a bunch of landscaping chemicals.

BUT, you also can’t focus and take your shot while puffing on your new favorite cigar.

Enter: The Cigar Golf holder.

What Is A Cigar Golf Holder?

An excellent question, basically a holder made to solve this predicament for you while you’re out golfing with your buddies. It keeps the cigar off the ground - or the seat of your cart - so that you can return to a lit cigar in good condition after hitting a bomb drive or sinking that long putt.

What Makes A Good Cigar Holder?

For golf, we are scoring this list based on functionality, style and price. But you should consider your specific needs before picking from our Top Five Cigar Holders for Golf.

#5 Cigar Compadre

Working as a walker, a driver or anything else, the Cigar Compadre is elegant in its simplicity. Clip the Cigar Compadre to whatever makes sense, plop your cigar down and come back when you’re done with your shot. While it may be lacking in the style department, it scores big on functionality and price - coming in at just under $13

#4 Get-A-Grip Cigar Clip

Designed with cart-golfers and boaters in mind, the Get-A-Grip puts function first with cigar holders that clip horizontally to your cart and hold any cigar up to a 60 ring gauge. They also have different style options and models that make the price vary. While it isn’t our favorite cigar golf holder, it’s still a great choice if it fits your play style. Check it out.

#3 Stage V Clinger

With style points set to eleven, the Stage V Clinger is a cool-looking, great working cigar golf holder that magnetizes to your golf cart or sticks in the ground to keep your stogie going while you rip one off the tee. At just under $15 with several color options, you should consider the Stage V Clinger.

#2 DivPro Golf Tool

If you’re looking for a multi-tool of cigar and golf functionality, the DivPro Golf Tool is calling your name. While most of the holders on our list do a great job prioritizing your cigar, the DivPro has six built-in features to make it stand out from the crowd. If you need an all-in-one cigar holder, divot tool, ball marker, club head cleaner, club grip saver and shotgun can opener; the DivPro is for you. 

#1 Stogies N Bogeys

Soaring to the top of our list is what we use while out on the course, the Stogies N Bogeys cigar holder. Truly unique in its design in that it is made from a golf ball and thus offers endless possibilities of customization to your favorite brand, company or logo that will fit on a golf ball. We cannot recommend Stogies N Bogeys enough.

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Got a favorite holder out on the course?

We told you our favorite; you tell us yours by dropping a comment below and explaining why your choice is best.

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  • Member Avatar
    (3 years ago)

    Those all look like they will certainly do the job, but you are missing one that I feel should be on the top of this list: The Nubber! It can be customized with any cigar band, name or organization logo that you want. You can use this in the lounge as well as on the golf course because it is a nubbing tool. The magnet on the bottom allows you to stick it to the golf cart frame. https://youtu.be/i03lUQxlPpw

  • Member Avatar
    (3 years ago)

    I have made several that are like the Cigar Compadre. I actually started making them before l ever saw a commercial version. Friends that l have given them to love them.

  • Member Avatar
    (3 years ago)

    I won it thank you guys so much

  • Member Avatar
    (3 years ago)

    I personally like the Stogie Stow cigar holder. It has a magnet that attaches to the golf cart. It holds a variety of sizes of cigars. Very convenient!

  • Member Avatar
    (3 years ago)