With winter in full effect and frigid weather embracing half the country, there isn’t a more perfect time than now to beat the cold and puff on your premiums in a warm and cozy cigar room. Over the last year, the Cigar World team received a slew of questions around what are some essential items that any cigar cave should have. So, we kicked it, smoked cigars, had discussions, even some arguments and compiled our favorites below. 

But, what we really want is to hear from you. What are the must-have items in your cigar room, cigar cave, cigar garage or wherever it is you like to smoke cigars?

How to make a cigar cave

First, get a space.

This probably doesn’t need to be said, but we’ll say it anyway. For any cigar room or cigar cave to work you realistically need a space. Could be a basement, a den, a garage. Hell, a treehouse even works if you have one.

Then, find a way to congregate.

Now that your space is figured out, you gotta make it habitable. Whether you have chairs, a futon or a sofa, as long as you can comfortably enjoy your cigar, nothing else really matters. Nothing else but a solid coffee table.

And keep people entertained.

Great convos are well, great. But, sometimes you have to zone-out to some tunes or veg-out on some weekend football. That’s why any cigar cave needs to have a reliable TV and bluetooth speakers.

You have to stay hydrated.

Cigars and beverages go together like “insert popular food combo here.” That’s why any self respecting cigar room must have (or have easy access to) a fridge and/or bar. Whether it’s spirits, soda or sparkling water, something to wet the whistle is essential.

And last but not least, everybody poops.

Let’s face it, the act of smoking cigars can last a while. Not only does tobacco get the system going, but most people are consuming a drink (or several) throughout the process. So, whether it’s for a number one or number two, any cigar cave needs a bathroom.

Get the coolest cigar gear or cigar decor for your cigar room.

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Explore some popular cigar room ideas.

If you’re looking for some serious design and decor inspiration for your future cigar cave, check out the link to Pinterest below.

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What are the must-have items in your cigar room? Let us know!

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For any cigar smoker, whether you smoke one cigar a year or one a day, a cool cigar ashtray can be the perfect combination of show-stopping aesthetic and meaningful functionality.

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  • Member Avatar
    (14 months ago)

    *A comfortable chair is a must to start with. A table or elevated flat surface for ashtrays, lighters and stash box's for my cutters and torch butane. I also prefer to have a way to put my feet up. I also like to smoke in the morning with coffee so a coffee maker is a must. *

  • Member Avatar
    (14 months ago)

    Here in the Midwest if it's in the garage you'll need a heater to keep the comfort level high. Like it says we're going to be there awhile.

  • Member Avatar
    (14 months ago)

    Got to have a good ashtray for the cigar spot.