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Hispaniola by Jose Mendez Box Image

H. UpmannHispaniola by Jose Mendez

H. Upmann Hispaniola by Jose Mendez is a full-flavored, medium to full bodied cigar with a strength and rich aroma that’s previously unseen from this…

Baccarat Nicaragua Box Image

BaccaratBaccarat Nicaragua

Baccarat Nicaragua is a seductive, medium bodied cigar that’s a slight variation in taste and aroma from the standard Connecticut-wrapped Baccarat. Im…

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ACID Frenchies Box Image

ACIDACID Frenchies

Frenchies by ACID are medium-bodied, handmade, small cigars perfect for when you need a quick smoke. The sweet, Nicaraguan fillers are wrapped up by a…

Quattro Original Box Image

Aging RoomQuattro Original

Quattro Original (F.K.A. Quattro F55) from the Aging Room is a medium to full-bodied, small-batch cigar from Rafael Nodal and the master blenders behi…

Larutan Clean Robusto Box Image

Drew EstateLarutan Clean Robusto

Larutan Clean Robusto by Drew Estate is a cigar all its own. This uniquely blended smoke boasts tobacco from 12 countries including: Brazil, Cameroon,…

Blondie Gold Box Image

ACIDBlondie Gold

ACID Blondie Gold Sumatra by Drew Estate is an enticingly smooth, hand rolled, infused cigar that features tantalizing Nicaraguan tobaccos that are en…

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Wafe Box Image


ACID Wafe by Drew Estate is a hand-rolled, box-pressed, vitola-shaped cigar that features subtly spicy Nicaraguan tobaccos bundled up in a pleasant, S…

Gilberto Oliva Reserva Box Image

OlivaGilberto Oliva Reserva

Gilberto Oliva Reserva is a zesty, medium-bodied cigar that comes wrapped in a dark Indonesian Sumatra wrapper. The wrapper itself normally produces a…

Krush Gold Sumatra Box Image

ACIDKrush Gold Sumatra

ACID Krush Gold Sumatra by Drew Estate is a mellow to medium bodied, petite 4x32 cigar that’s packaged in 10-count tins. They’re hand rolled and fille…

Deep Dish Box Image

ACIDDeep Dish

ACID Deep Dish by Drew Estate is a hand rolled, mellow to medium bodied infused cigar that features a large ring gauge and Nicaraguan tobaccos that ar…

Earthiness Box Image


The name doesn't lie, ACID Earthiness by Drew Estate is a full bodied, infused cigar that boasts monumental, earthy notes. It’s filled with a sat…

Especial Negra Box Image

TabakEspecial Negra

If you take your coffee black, you’ll enjoy Tabak Especial Negra. This cigar infuses Esteli-grown filler with the bold flavor of Nicaragua’s finest co…

Triple Roast Box Image

Nub by OlivaTriple Roast

Nub Triple Roast by Olivia is a rich, medium bodied cigar that sports an undeniably smooth Sumatra wrapper. Thoughtfully bundled up inside, a meticulo…

Double Roast Box Image

Nub by OlivaDouble Roast

Nub Double Roast by Olivia is a rich, mellow-medium bodied cigar that sports an undeniably smooth Sumatra wrapper. Thoughtfully bundled up inside, a m…

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Especial Dulce Box Image

TabakEspecial Dulce

As satisfying as a cup of coffee with a splash of cream, Tabak Especial Dulce blends Esteli-grown filler with the essence of Nicaragua’s finest coffee…

Kuba Kuba Box Image

ACIDKuba Kuba

ACID Kuba Kuba by Drew Estate was one of the first cigars to start the ACID revolution. This medium bodied robusto cigar is filled with slightly peppe…

Isla del Sol Box Image

Drew EstateIsla del Sol

Isla del Sol by Drew Estate is a mellow-medium cigar that thoughtfully combines a deliciously rich blend of aged Nicaraguan tobaccos all bundled up in…

Connecticut Shade Box Image

UndercrownConnecticut Shade

Undercrown Connecticut Shade from Drew Estate is flavorful and balanced, medium-bodied cgiar. It boasts a golden-brown Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wr…

Sumatra Box Image

Casa de GarciaSumatra

Casa de Garcia Sumatra is a complex, mellow to medium bodied cigar from the Altaids organization, the ones responsible for legendary brands like Monte…

Black Market Box Image

Alec BradleyBlack Market

A superb release from Alec Bradley, Black Market is a medium bodied cigar that touts a unique and satisfying array of flavors. Inside, you’ll find a j…