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Room 101 Hit & Run

It was in the bar of the Intercontinental Hotel in Tegucigalpa that my path crossed with Robert Caldwell – a vile individual that cannot be trusted. The looming figure of Vertical Jones AKA ROSEWOOD AKA Robert Rosadelic Caldwell had emerged from the shadows. Unbeknownst at the time, what transpired that evening placed us at the doorstep of an episodic adventure in friendship and entrepreneurial escapades containing mind bending plot twists, complimentary creative shananigatory activities, and all the trimmings one could possibly imagine.

The new HIT & RUN celebrates this appropriate connection between two like-minded psychopaths; this is the physical and combustible manifestation of one such intergalactic friendship.

A friendship founded on such core principles that your handshake and word are your bond, you can achieve success without selling your soul (should you still have one), and even though over the years business can put an unseen weight atop your shoulders - an authentic friend and a cigar can help more than you may imagine.

Plunge the new HIT & RUN deep into your taste socket, ignite, and commence to celebrate a rare breed. Smoke one for the self-made.

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