Cigar Reviewed: Aging Room Quattro Maduro

Smoked at: conyers, ga

initial light taste good from the foot light up. Sweet nutty taste off light up with creaminess. Chocolate taste eases in nicely. Seems to be full bodied taste. Nice peppery retrohale. Good balance of flavors. Slight earthiness but chocolate and nuts are more prevalent. Love it so far. The burn seems to be pretty even and consistent so far and the smoke output is moderate to high. Good output of smoke and nice draw. Not tight or loose. Nice white ash that holds well. Retrohale of pepper eases off but is still there. Last 3rd and everything continues. Draw is great and so is the burn. Taste of chocolate with sweet nuts n slight slight..meant to say twice…earthiness continues. Pretty dang good so far. Try one.

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