Cigar Reviewed: Partagás Cortado

Smoked at: NEW MEXICO

Wow 🤩 what a great little purito(small cigar) yet so full body medium strength cigar.

• Smell on the foot was vanilla with wood cedar and oak some hay and leather also and cedar with sweet like wood more like oak and vanilla with floral and honey on the dry draw, on the prelight I get some light sweet honey with wood again oak and white pepper crushed and light red pepper on the retro and they mix in with a bit of white chocolate and bits of aged leather getting mixed in with some type of floral and sweet low very low sweet like brown toasted sugar and raisin then goes into leather and wood with stepping more into the leather and pepper on the retro with some tastes of aged wood and some dry grass and hay and very light floral with vanilla type or light honey like retro but still lacks a peppery little punch 🥊 good enough to enjoy don’t let the sweets fool you it’s all in the palate and the retro and how to smoke 💨 a great cigar like the long lived Partagas man I’ve missed it. StRted out with the Partagas many years ago. And STILL they make GREAT PUROS!!!!

My first cigar from testing lab after a long time of waiting 😊. Been a cigar smoker for over 25 years!!! @null

Thank you Testing Lab 🧪 🧫 🥼

Partagas Cortado CW


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