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That Punch smell

Cigar Reviewed: Punch Gran Puro Nicaragua

Color Me Punch.

Ok, here’s the deal: Punch is good. Each time I light up a Punch, I find myself needing a good smoke.

This Gran Puro Nicaragua was a really good smoke.

I chose this stick at random from the humidor, paired it with coffee and watched college football on a cold afternoon… and enjoyed it to the nub.

Funny story, my wife got home from Black Friday shopping and accused me of smoking something that smelled like dog...dirt. She described it as appalling and putrid. Well, my back porch smelled fine; it smelled like a good cigar from a good Nicaraguan blend. The front of the house smelled like burning leaves from my jackhole neighbor who was trying to clean up his yard. Yeah, totally different smells darling.

For this 90-rated awesome stick, imagine the exact opposite of that nausea-inducing acrid neighborhood smoke on a fall afternoon.

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