Cigar Reviewed: CAO Italia

Smoked at: Fireman's Park Lindenhurst

Sitting here in my usual place in Lindenhurst looking at my geese friends... goose friends? When a turtle 🐢 decided he wanted to have a staring contest. Listening to Frank Sinatra. Today was a punch cut just to be different. The top was nice and peppery with some earthy tones. Reminded me of the day it was: brisk with hints of warmth. The middle was so creamy it was like tasting a good cannoli. No... like a really good cannoli. One made by an old Italian woman like Sophia on the Golden Girls. Someone who knows you put wine in the dough for the shell or at least dipped in it. There are hints of oakyness with a sweet cream. The last end was sweet like brown sugar and almonds. Almost like having a Amoretto. I only had this sitting in my humidor for a week. I've been so use to 50 guage this cigar seems so unwieldy in my hand ay a 56 guage. Enjoyed every minute of it. The only thing is I keep using the word "like" in every part of this review. My next mission is to learn English gooder.

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