Cigar Reviewed: Romeo y Julieta 1875 by Romeo y Julieta

Smoked at: Lexington, KY

Just a beautiful cigar that up front I will say is completely box worthy in my opinion. Also it is approachable for a beginner as well as delicious to those of us who have smoked 🚬 a few. A classic brand well from Cuba originally but honestly I don't think the cuban could possibly top this though that's unfair as I've not had a cuban version yet I am willing to try wink wink lol. It has notes of orange 🍊 citrus , milk 🍫, apricot, floral 🌺, leather, woods 🪵 throughout Changing depending on the third your in. It is medium bodied and full flavored overall. My Favorites.

It maintains a nice solid stacking dime white ash indicative of quality grown properly fertilized tobacco.

I would definitely recommend at least a 5 pack buy to try first off because even if your a committed full body only toker I think you'll appreciate the flavors here and if not you could definitely get some newbies into the hobby with this beauty.

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