Cigar Reviewed: Rocky Patel Prohibition Maduro

Smoked at: Ft. Myers, FL

I was a little skeptical because the light of the cigar seemed a little tough, but it then lit just fine. Then, my first draw and I was able to comfortably retro hale made me think, "WOW"! Not to steal another products saying, Skittles, but I thought this as well - It's like a taste Explosion in my mouth! I would never tell anybody one cut is better than another, but I want also give you feedback on the cut. I tried all three and I would rank them as follows - 1. Straight 2. Deep V 3. Punch. I ranked them way by which one delivered more flavor on the lips as well as the draw. I also noted that there are many different notes, but predominant to me was, sweet & salty, coffee/toffee and light cedar notes. I smoked another one with a fellow cigar friend and he had a couple different ones that I noted. You will not be disappointed in this one and you may find you have your own notes you find. Very much enjoyed this stick that I smoked down to the nub.


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