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Partagas Valle Verde

Cigar Reviewed: Partagás Valle Verde

Smoked at: Tampa Florida

Grand marnier and dash of water to pair with it

Preferable Palette is bold smooth

Cigar is between medium to bold and slightly sweet cedar draw

Spicy ceder note on dry puff

Sweet Ceder aroma on the smell on dry cigar

Strong spicy virgin puff

Still smooth

Spicy peppery Beginning

Slight pepper puff, very peppery retro hale

Mexican San andres wrapper is fitting since I’m Mexican

Almost thru the first 3rd smooth retro hale slightly peppery ceder

Put slight pressure on ash and the Ash is sturdy thru 1st 3rd, fell off naturally after 1st 3rd

Beginning of 2nd 3rd very smooth, faint pepper puff, smooth faint pepper retrohale

Thru 2nd 3rd faint pepper smooth puff, faint pepper retrohale very enjoyable

End of 2nd 3rd very faint pepper smooth puff, faint pepper smooth retro hale, still very enjoyable

Beginning of 3rd 3rd, smooth pepper puff, pepper hot retrohale

San Andres wrapper prominent

Coming to end of 3rd 3rd, hot faint smooth pepper puff, prominent San Andres wrapper following thru, faint hot peppery retro hale

Thru all I enjoyed the cigar, very prominent San andres taste and peppery thruout but smooth as well

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