Cigar Reviewed: Partagás Valle Verde

received a cigar called Partagas Valle Verde from Cigar World and this is what I thought about it:

The San Andrés layer in the Partagás Valle Verde has a pleasant chocolate brown color, slightly grainy with some small streaks. I was expecting some chocolate in the flavor profile, so I never tasted the chocolate, and pepper and chocolate do go together very well, but there are hints of cocoa powder and toasted almonds. But the predominant flavor is pepper. It's not the pepper you would expect from an LGC, LFD or Sancho Panza Extra Strong, but the pepper dominates the taste. The Retrohale was quite spicy with some leather and the toasted almonds which was satisfying but less spicy as I'm not a big fan of pepper to begin with. The draw started a little tight but relaxed significantly after a few minutes. The smoke volume could have been more but was nice, but I like cigars that have abundance of smoke . The ash of this cigar is first class. It never fell off. I had to roll it an inch and a half down the length of the smoke. The cigar burned almost perfectly throughout. No reboots. The Partagas Valle Verde is a good stick if you like your cigars spicy and papery. While that's not my cup of tea, I gave it a 6 based on all other factors.

San Andrés is a tobacco leaf variety that originates from the San Andrés Valley in Mexico. This region is known for its rich and fertile volcanic soils, which give the tobacco a distinctive flavor and aroma. The leaves are stem-cured, meaning they are dried while still attached to the plant, resulting in a dark chocolate brown wrapper. The wrapper has a smooth, earthy and toasty flavor, with some sweetness and spicy notes. It is often used for Maduro cigars, which undergo a longer fermentation process and have a fuller body. Some examples of cigars that feature the San Andrés wrapper are La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor, Rocky Patel Decade Cameroon and Cohiba Royale .

Types of alcohol would fit perfectly with this cigar would be:

• Cognac: a smooth and sweet spirit that can complement the earthy and cocoa notes of the cigar.

• Single malt Scotch: a smoky and peaty spirit that can contrast the sweet and spicy notes of the cigar.

• Port: a rich and fruity wine that can balance the pepper and complexity of the cigar.

So, if you prefer this flavor of a cigar, this one would be for you!

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    (10 months ago)

    Same pepper remained and the ash was resilient. Chocolate notes and nuttiness.