Cigar Reviewed: Partagás Legend

Smoked at: Olympia, WA

Medium bodied cigar, burned relatively evenly. No veins or pockets that were notable causing uneven burn, or bitterness. Smooth at the start and relatively consistent throughout. Slightly more spice toward the completion, with a minor amount of bitterness. Flavors were very earthy and remind of a classic Cuban taste and aroma. Not a fruity or overly sweet cigar, which works well for my pallet. Slightly grassy taste with a hint of leather, and chocolate. A very well rounded and relaxing smoke. Not a fan of the box press, as it makes lighting and adjusting burn more difficult. Smoked outdoors, with light breeze. Aroma was very relaxing, and did not overpower the area. Wrapper was well constructed and draw was clear.

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