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One of the best.

Cigar Reviewed: La Gloria Cubana Medio Tiempo

Right from the start this cigar had a very sweet taste on the lips. I knew straight away it was going to be near the top of my favorite list. I had hoped that it would last through out and it did not disappoint. Although it had a bit tighter draw than i prefer, i was able to chew on it a bit and get more of the sweet notes from the tobacco. The last third ramped up in smoke production and left a scent on my clothes that i liked, the wife also noted that she really enjoyed the smell of my clothes later on. That is a bonus. I have had this cigar in my humidor for a couple of month along with another. First thought was to pass it on to a friend so he could give it a go, bit he'll have to wait and get one from the box i just ordered.

To be fair, I am a huge fan of the La Gloria brand and the whole line, to date, fits in my wheel house.

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