Cigar Reviewed: Diesel Wicked

Smoked at: The Woods of East Texas

As I sit here listening to TOOL's Lateralus, I decided I needed something nice and dark to go along with the album. After searching my tupperdor I found this lovely lady almost screaming my name. Had to pick her up. Never tried any Diesel cigars but have heard nothing but good things. This is a little large for me, I like my robustos, sometimes a toro if I'm busy while smoking. This is definitely larger than a robusto. Hell, at 6.2"x56 it's larger than toros, but I decided to give her a shot anyway.

The first thing I notice, aside from the rich chocolate color is the red band at the foot, very cool and elegant even. The band stands a striking contrast to the dark Pennsylvania Broadleaf Maduro ligero wrapper, which is very nice on its' own. Not many visible seems or veins with no soft spots at all, so construction seems nice and solid. The wrapper smelled like leather and foot smelled of leather and pepper, nice indeed.

I delicately cut the tip with my V cutter and found the draw to be a little tight. I cut one more time, just a little deeper and she opened up perfectly. Nice draw that tasted like leather and espresso. I puffed on this a few times to savor the flavor. This had a very pleasant dry draw and I was excited to fire her up. I was pleasantly surprised by the flavors I was picking up. Alongside the leather and coffee flavors I now got salted caramel and a little vanilla. The retrohale tasted like pepper with some cedar. This is a nice, pleasant cigar, rich and flavorful that smells a little differently than it tastes, don't think I've experienced that before. If I have, I didn't notice.

I notice as I get through the first eight to ten puffs, I realized that the flavor was getting slightly stronger as I smoked. None of the flavors became overpowering at all, overall, a nicely balanced flavor. Getting into the middle third of this cigar finds an ever increasing intensity in the body of the cigar, with the leather and coffee coming on solidly. The retrohale tastes more like crushed red pepper from the pizza parlor, spicey without the woody cedar from earlier. Into the final third and the intensity keeps growing. This is an awesome cigar. Leather is the star here, but I'm tasting black pepper as well. The espresso is no tasted in the retrohale.

I finished the cigar just as the album ended and I have to say that I'm going to get a hold of a few more of these. Maybe I can find a robusto, but the torpedo wasn't too large after all. Overall this was a very good cigar with copious amounts of smoke and a solidly ringed ash that stayed together nicely. This cigar was a leather bomb if I ever smoked one. Lovely!

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    (6 months ago)

    Awesome review I need to try this. Keep em coming

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      (6 months ago)

      Thanks, was one hell of a stick.

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    (7 months ago)

    I so enjoy reading your reviews. Well done!