Cigar Reviewed: Drew Estate Nica Rustica

Smoked at: Carolinas

This 6 x 52 Drew Estate Nica Rustica Adobe had a nice medium brown wrapper with a simple two colored band. Shiny and smooth, it smelled of rich tobacco. On light up it delivered a little spice at first, but that soon faded away leaving a nutty, toasty, and woody experience with an occasional note of sweet cream and chocolate. It burned evenly, long, and cool. I initially punched it, but was having a little trouble drawing on it as easily as I might have liked, so I V-cut it and that did the trick. The smoke is pretty consistent throughout and lasted well over an hour. I enjoyed every puff. It unravelled a bit at the tip, but that was probably due to punching and cutting it when I first lit it up. Overall, an enjoyable smoke that I would buy again.


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