Cigar Reviewed: CAO Session

Smoked at: Buffalo, NY

**When I’m really stressed and I need to take time out to relax and let go, I reach for this cigar. The immediate sweetness when my lips touch the wrapper to take a cold draw is glorious. On the cold retro hale you taste the nuts and cedar. I toast the foot after cutting the cap and the smell of nuttiness fills my nostrils. Taking the first draw fills my mouth with a nice creamy nutty flavor and the sweetness that shrouds the draw is so delectable. It takes its time because this isn’t a cigar to be smoked quickly. I have the time so I draw it slowly rolling each mouthful of sweetness to let it linger and retro hale the yummy goodness this cigar brings. The toothy wrapper from start to finish burns nice and even and has a nice white ash with little specs. A sign to me of a truly tasty and well constructed cigar. I continue to cradle it on my lips and smoothly pull each draw until the nub is so small it burns my lips. Still I want more and it leaves me wanting to cut and light another. Every experience with this cigar makes me want to take my time and enjoy the fruits of its labor. Fantastic in every way! Great job on this one Rick Rodriguez **

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