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Makin' Gravy

Smoked: Sunday Gravy Grappa

Smoked at: Harrisburg Beer N Cigar - 3842 Union Deposit Road, Harrisburg, PA 17109

Construction: Excellent. A nice, firm barrel with few veins and zero soft spots. An even color, claro wrapper with few seams and very small veins.

Draw: Effortless

1/3: Semi-tight to open draw, creamy texture.

2/3: This is where Sunday Gravy begins to shine. Subtle hints of smoked red meat/bacon fat/marinara at the back of throat. Open draw continues.

Final third: Saw the disappearance of Italian spice notes which was a major bummer. Draw became mildly tighter, though this can be expected.

Overall: 4.2/5 Would have liked more spice notes from the middle third to be present throughout, but at no point was the cigar overpowering or dismal. Smoke output was a little lackluster and the "worst" trait. My first from Diesel and something I'd smoke again. Pick this up if given the chance.

Sunday Gravy v2


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