Cigar Reviewed: Macanudo M Espresso with Cream

I received this cigar as a test sample for review, and was excited to get a chance to review this yet-to-be-released blend from Macanudo. I am a fan of Macanudo, as I always seem to enjoy any stick I pick up from them. This one was no different in most respects. I kept my notes using the Cigar Dojo ratings calculator.

The Macanudo M Espresso with Cream is a \~6x52 Toro with a barber pole style wrapper composed of a darker and lighter brown wrapper leaf. The pack is somewhat soft and on the lighter side. The unlit smell is a sweet coffee infusion (a la Tabak or Isla del Sol) and the tip seems to have been sweetened. The cold draw has a very prominent taste of red hots candy. The wrapper appearance had a rustic look to me but constructed very well. In the first third, the first draws have a zingy character that you can feel on the draw. Retro has a baseball glove leather taste and smoke hints for campfire. It is oily on the lips. Definitely has a coffee flavor, but more like the coffee liquor you get at the bottom of the cup more than the actual coffee liquid itself. Zingy coffee dominates. Retro is smooth and where I pick up the campfire notes. Cocoa on the draw enters about 1 1/2" down. Ash holds for about 1 1/2" at a time. The creaminess kicked in at the start of the second third and the cocoa intensity pick up a bit about 1/2 way down. The campfire on the retro is unique...kind of like when pine or cedar burns. It's definitely not a typical oaky campfire smell. Entering the last third was more of the same. I did not detect any major changes in the last third. It did start to go to warm for me about 1 1/2" to the end and the spiciness picked up the hotter it got.

Conclusion: Overall, I found the Macanudo M Espresso with Cream to be very enjoyable. I am also a fan of Tabak and Isla del Sol, which I consider to be a very good cigar for the money and usually have one two around all the time. While the M was definitely in this vein, it was more complex compared to the other two. I found the retro to be the most enjoyable aspect, with undeniable tastes of baseball glove and piney campfire. Kind of like playing catch in the fall around the fire. The burn was tight all the way and did not have to touch it up at all. Only negative for me was the draw was a bit loose and the pack a bit soft. I prefer a little more resistance. As per most Macanudos, there was no strength and medium in profile at most. Smoke time was about an hour and 15 min. Don't know what the price point is, but it's definitely worth trying one just for the baseball leather and smokey flavors.



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