Cigar Reviewed: Macanudo M Espresso with Cream

Smoked at: McAllen, Texas

Construction is excellent, nice barber pole wrapper. firm but not tight. Right trough the cello, you can smell the strong Mexican chocolate and sweetness.

1st third:

Sweet cedar and vanilla flavors are predominant. along with coffee bean notes, not overpowering. Very predominant sweet oil left on lips.

Strong sweet rich smoke throughout. smoking wonderfully.

2nd third:

The coffee , vanilla and chocolate flavors are all but gone, lingering in place is the sweetness though the short finish.

Final third:

No complexity in flavors, a burst of cream and cocoa (reminiscing of Irish Cream). Faint coffee and a flash of peeper makes an appearance on the finish.

the sweet thick smoke has been present trough the cigar since the start.

I'm not a flavored-cigar smoker, but this cigar's sweetness does not annoy but instead it gives a pleasant taste to the cold smoke clouds. This is definitely a cigar I will purchase and keep in my humidor for future enjoyment..

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