Smoked: Macanudo M Espresso with Cream

Shoutout to the testing lab for sending me this stick to review. I don’t really post my reviews online as I keep them in my personal notepad but here are my notes.

Review based on 1 day rest in humidor

Feel- spongy, light, toothy wrapper

Appearance -barber pole, rolled tightly

Aroma- cocoa, rich chocolate, brownie, espresso

Draw- perfect, slight resistance


First light- metallic coffee bean, mild to medium body to start.

1st third - Very mild, sweetened tip isn’t overpowering, metallic taste went away but coffee bean notes stay. Creamy mouth feel. Smoke output is decent. No spice at all on the retrohale. I got woody notes from the retrohale. Toasted marshmallow on the finish. Aroma is pleasant. Needed a burn touch up.

2nd third - Dark espresso notes started to take over and has a long finish. Creamy notes still present on the retrohale but has taken a backseat to the espresso. Cigar beginning to canoe, slight cedar note makes an appearance. Sweetened tip no longer a factor. Burn corrected itself requiring no further touch up. Picking up sweetness on the finish. Earthy notes starting to appear toward the end of the 2nd third. Required another burn touch up.

Final third- Cedar notes mixing in with the espresso. Dry cocoa notes on the finish. Medium bodied at this point. Campfire woody taste creeping in. Main flavors sticking around, espresso, cream, cedar. Slight nutty notes appearing. Beginning to get a metallic tingle in the back of my throat. Flavors becoming muted and cigar getting hot.

Smoke Time- 1 hour 25 mins

Construction - required 3 burn touch ups

Summary - this would be a great cigar for a beginner who wants to experience coffee notes as it is a mild to medium smoke at best. No strength kick. This particular cigar required 3 touch ups which could have contributed from the time smoked 1 day in humidor after receiving it off the truck. This would make for a perfect morning smoke with a cup of coffee.


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    (15 months ago)

    Thank you for the great detailed review, been debating buying this one for a while but your review sold it for me.

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      (15 months ago)

      No problem. It isn’t a bad cigar at all. I’m going to pick up a couple of sticks myself. Great morning smoke.