Cigar Reviewed: Macanudo M Espresso with Cream

Smoked at: Clarksburg, WV

What a Saturday it was! Not working. The sun was out. I was actually just casually reading up on some new cigar cutters and torch lighters (Cause you can never have too many, right?). As if my day wasn't good enough, a small little package was left at my door. To my surprise it was my first Cigar World Testing Lab product, The M by Macanudo Espresso w/ Cream.

At first look, it is a beautiful mid-sized cigar with a two tone barber pole wrapper. It also owns a medium-sized band that, in my opinion, perfectly represents this cigar. Subtle but bold. The cold draw is smooth and flavorful. You can tell right away that this cigar will not leaving you second guessing your tasting notes.

The first third is all about the cream. Full of sweet flavor. Overwhelming for those who are not used to flavored cigars. The draw is smooth and actually continues the entire way through. The burn is quick and at this point quite a bit uneven.

As we move through this cigar there is definitely a transformation. The second third the burn has evened out and the cream has started to fade a bit. There are notes of the espresso popping through that I didn't get before. I find myself taking longer, slower draws and enjoying the smoke quite a bit more.

Near the end, the final third, the darker notes of the espresso really come through. The overwhelming taste of cream from the beginning, gone. It has become more like a caramel with the more pronounced espresso.

This is a cigar that is not for everyone as the initial pop of sweet cream is strong but once you give it some time to burn, it becomes a wonderful smoke that more will certainly enjoy. Pair this with your favorite dark blend coffee and it will be a treat for sure!

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