Cigar Reviewed: La Gloria Cubana Classic

Smoked at: Carolinas

The LGC Classic is a favorite. The stick is firm and well packed. It toasts and lights perfectly and with ease. No need for a high power torch lighter. A wooden match will do fine. The draw is effortless. No need for a bore tool. The cold draw is leathery and earthy. The burn is perfect and the ash is sturdy. Although the flavor doesn't change much throughout the smoke, it is wonderful throughout. It is medium bodied. I get earth, leather, and something that reminds me of the warm comforting smell of black walnut shells burning in my grandparent's coal stove when I was a child. There is also an occasional note of citrus. This cigar is like an old reliable friend. Always happy to see it. Always expect a good experience. If I was going to introduce a friend to the world of fine cigars, this might be the one I'd start with. My latest 6 x 42 resulted in nearly a 90 minute smoke with lots of billowy smoke.



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