Cigar Reviewed: Liga Privada No. 9

Smoked at: Caribbean Ocean

The last thing you would expect to have is a cigar lounge in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean, but that is exactly what MSC cruise lines has done, this ship, the MSC Magnifica has that and so much more, A full fledge cigar lounge with a well stocked humidor and Full bar. A perfect time to sit and enjoy a great capuchin and Drew Estate Liga Privada #9, with its beautiful color and oily finish always brings a delight just lighting it up, there is something special about Liga 9 and they know it, from the second you light it up, the even burn, the hints of light peppers, rustic woods and earth come right flowing to the top, never over powering just right. Paired with this amazing coffee and it just stays smooth on every draw. I have always liked and been fascinated on how this amazing oily wrapper burns and how the smoke has this melody as it bounces off the stick, this is one cigar that delivers all it says it will. You will never be disappointed and if given the opportunity to have it in the middle of the Caribbean? do it

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