Cigar Reviewed: La Gloria Cubana Spanish Press

Smoked at: Plano, TX.

At first glance, this is one Beautiful cigar! The band is very elegant and eye catching. Then when you hold the cigar, you really see how much attention to detail was taken when creating the final product. It has a sharp box press, oily wrapper and it's smooth to the touch.

At first light, I am welcomed with a strong cedar note. Somewhat of a chary note as well, but could be because it was a windy day and I could not see the flame as I was lighting the cigar. On the retrohale, that was a very prominent dry spice that reminded me of an Italian type of seasoning used for cooking. It was so intense that it dried the nose and burned a little. As the spice settled, it left a bit of a fruity note on the palate.

First third, we are having a little bit of a burn issue, but that is to be expected with a box pressed cigar. There was a black coffee with light creamer note that developed in the first third... and I can't quite pick out the fruity note on the retrohale. Also, the Italian spice has now become more of a cumin (dry spice) type of note. The mouth is kind of drying out because of the notes I'm getting through the retrohale as well.

Second third, strength has ramped up! Definitely feeling the nicotine in the head! That fruity note I could not figure out, is kind of like a raisin or prune nuance. Did I mention the strength is ramping up?! lol

Final third of this La Gloria Cubana Spanish Press, I am getting some earthiness. Could be from the Mexican San Andres binder of the cigar. Also the dry spice on the retro is causing my throat to be a little scratchy.

Overall, this has been a very tasty cigar throughout.

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