Cigar Reviewed: ACID Blondie

Smoked at: Carolina

So this was my first ACID cigar. I wasn't sure what to expect. I haven't tried many infused cigars. I respect the creativity and expertise that went into creating this unique flavor experience. The folks at Drew are really doing something special in a serious way. They're not merely dipping cigars in Cool-Aid and employing slick marketing to sell them. And all accounts indicate that a lot of folks love this cigar, but in the end, I'm not a fan. The cold draw was almost a shock. Putting your lips on the sweetened tip for the first time is kind of a wow moment. A spicy mix of sugar, cinnamon, and other exotic notes blasts your tastebuds. The cigar was not packed as firmly as I might like, but the draw was easy. Once lit, I just couldn't taste the tobacco flavors. I believe it is a mild smoke, but all I could taste was the sweetened tip. With large swirls of smoke I kept thinking that this might actually be a good cigar if it wasn't for sugary tip. By mid smoke, I could feel a sugary, sticky film on my lips. I thought "this is just too sweet." So don't hesitate to try this cigar. It's a one of a kind, but buy a single and try it before you buy a whole box.


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