Cigar Reviewed: Macanudo M Espresso with Cream

Thanks to Cigar World for giving me the opportunity to test.

I prefer to give a blue collar man, straight forward type of review with no fufu words and subjective slang.

This is a beautiful cigar with a sweet and creamy aroma.

Burn was true, no issues to touch up, a cut and relight at the halfway is typical for me no issues with this either

About an hour long burn depending on the smoker.

Draw was almost too tight for my preference, almost.

Flavor was mello and creamy, but not overwhelming, actually quite thin. Maybe suitable for a beginner, but definetly not my first choice if i was to suggest a mellow coffee cigar.

Im a huge macanudo fan, i enjoy all of their inspirado line, as well as the cafe and cru royale.

This stick just didnt do it for me. An inspirado green hold much much more flavor and much more enjoyable smoke for my tastes.

Overall, 6/10 for the Espresso and Cream.


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