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Cigar Reviewed: Macanudo Inspirado Orange

I hadn’t smoked a cigar in at least 15 or more years and I decided to start a small collection.

Well let me start by saying this Mac Orange definitely is different than Macanudos of the past but it had just enough of a rich flavor for a “newbie” without being too lite. I’m a big fan of rich dark coffees and the same for chocolate but didn’t want to dive right into a heavier Maduro.

This beautiful stick had an excellent draw (v cut) and smoked for just over an hour. Now my palate is nowhere near on par with even occasional cigar smokers but I could taste the almond notes along with the nice pepper touch it was just enough. The fine balance of this cigar got me to smoke it all the way down to the nub enjoying the nice creamy smoke, I’ll be adding some more of these along with sampling the rest of the Inspirado line. I felt this was a good first choice not too mellow and just enough richness. Enjoy!

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