Cigar Reviewed: Factory Throw-Outs Sweet

Whether you run across a Throwout, a Second or a Fuma, you probably adjust your expectations accordingly.

I paid $2 for this stick and expected it to taste like it was a rolled stogie of cutoff scraps and dust bunnies from the factory floor. Not so.

This stick will not help you make friends or win any awards but it will not disappoint either.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not a second hidden 95-rated gem. It is not that.

It is a great stick to have in case…

In case of what? you may ask…

Well, a fellow cigar smoker once told me that he liked to have a series of backup cigars for those times that it may get ruined during the smoke. He knows a guy that ruins a stick or two each time he goes fishing but in his case it was golf. He notoriously drops his cigars, steps on them or loses them in transit between holes and he likes to have a cigar that he isn’t going to curse himself out for losing.

When you pay $2 per stick, your heartbreak is minimum over the loss.

In my case it was the weather. The temperature was hovering at freezing and wind-chill was dropping it another 20 degrees and my little smoking nook on my porch may or may not keep me out of the wind. I decided to have a nice morning cigar with coffee and brave the elements. I did not know if I could last 10 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour. This was the cigar I picked. If it was ten minutes – oh well. If it was 30 minutes – oh well. If it was an hour, then I’d smoke the whole damned thing.

I smoked the whole thing.

Oh well.

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