Cigar Reviewed: Diesel Diesel

Smoked at: Carolinas

This 6 x 60 torpedo has a single, unremarkable band around the foot. It's dark brown wrapper is slick and oily. The cold draw is nutty and earthy. On light up you get a blast of spice and pepper. It's almost overwhelming. But after a few minutes the spice evens out and you get a strong flavor of espresso with cream. The pepper and spice hang in there along with earth and occasional notes of cocoa and even roasted nuts. It's a full bodied cigar and complex cigar not for the faint of heart. The draw is really easy resulting huge billows of hearty smoke. It burns a little unevenly but has a very long sturdy white ash. I'd smoke this again given the right occasion, but it's not a daily "kick back and relax" kind of smoke.



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