Cigar Reviewed: Alec Bradley Connecticut

Smoked at: Smokers Den - 1288 E Tallmadge Ave, Akron, OH 44310

This came in an Alec Bradley sampler pack I got. I actually ran into one of their sales reps at Smokers Den about a week ago and discussed a few of their blends. (Not this one though). I have never really given them much thought and figured a sampler pack would broaden my insight into the brand.

Initially its very mellow and not a whole lot of smoke output. Flavor has some dark stone fruit character with a nice aroma to match. Draw was pretty good but it started to canoe a lot which I corrected. It had a few blemishes in the first inch or so I figured that may be the cause.

Second third was great. It really had a nice flavor with that dark fruit melding in with some coffee notes. Still not getting an even burn and had to correct again.

last third finished nicely. Roasted coffee notes took over with the dark fruit moving toward the background. I look forward to smoking this again and seeing if this uneven burn was just a one off as does happen. Ill give the remaining sticks another 6-8 weeks at 71% and try again.

image v087fb2c841


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