Cigar Reviewed: Macanudo Vintage 2010

Been sitting on posting this for a few days because I wanted to really gather my thoughts.

Thank you so much to Cigar World and their Testing Lab for selecting me to test out the Macanudo Vintage 2010

First off visually the cigar is beautiful. Well detailed and gives off a sophisticated and distinguished appearance. It’s Connecticut wrapper and mixture of Honduran binder and mixture of Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Dominican filler.

I began with a simple Vcut toasted the foot and slowly brought it up. It was packed a bit tight for what I’m used to so I opted to make an additional vcut. After that I found it to be the perfect.

The first third-half I noted a sweetness reminding me of raisins, and Vanilla with a light earthy/leathery note as well. The second half picked up a more prominent note of spices and cinnamon. I’m typically not a big fane when it comes to spice notes in cigars but this was not over powering or intense.

Over all I really found this to be an enjoyable cigar and I would definitely smoke it again. I will definitely be adding a few of these to my humidor to have on hand

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