Cigar Reviewed: Camacho Connecticut

Smoked at: Carolinas

I recently reviewed a Camacho Ecuador, and although I respected it for what it was, it wasn't for me. Too much pepper. I talked to a rep at a cigar show about it and he recommended I try the Camacho Connecticut. I'm glad I did. It's a beautifully constructed walnut colored cigar that burns even and slow, draws well, and produces ample smoke and a long white ash. The cold draw was grassy and clean. On light up, it delivered an interesting combination of citrus and spice. You gotta figure a Camacho will have some spice. But it wasn't too much. It was well balanced. As the smoke progressed it developed into a creamy smoke with cinnamon, hay, and a little white pepper. In the last third, the chocolate developed and some of the initial spiciness returned for a flavorful finish. This is a really nice cigar. If you gravitate toward mellow Dominicans, but want something a little more spicy that won't blow your head off, try this cigar. I'd call it medium bodied and flavorful. In my mind, the folks at Camacho have been redeemed. I look forward to trying some of their other offerings.

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