Cigar Reviewed: Brick House Connecticut

Smoked at: Alabama

This is the mixed filler Fumas version which I scored for a great deal. These come in packages of 20.

Prelight: Nice barnyard

1/3: Nutty, cashew flavors with creamy smoke.

2/3: Light leathery flavor.

3/3: Stronger leather flavor but still smooth. This being a mixed filler, I slowed down on this last 3/3 to prevent overheating.

Overall great Fumas stick if you get a good deal. I would like to try the natural and maduro versions too. Perfect for a 45 min smoke. Surprisingly long ash for a mixed filler so still has quality ingredients. Paired well with my black coffee. Construction was average with the CT wrapper being very thin but for the price it’s a bargain. This would make a nice golf or yard stick!

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