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Bad Apple?

Cigar Reviewed: Partagás Valle Verde

This was my first Partagas cigar. Construction of the cigar appeared nice, had a very nice wrapper, slight sheen, beautiful color. Dry draw had notes of cedar and leather. Slight peppery notes at initial light, very mellow. My experience with it was ruined due to the draw being extremely tight, couldn’t get much smoke from it. When I received this cigar from Cigar World for review, it went straight into my humidor for 3 days. I could only make it through the first 1/3 as I grew tired of the very hard draw. It burned well and even, I tried cutting a little more from the cap, rolling the cigar in between my fingers to help loosen for a better draw, but nothing would help. Disappointment for sure. I would definitely want to try again, I believe this was just a bad apple.

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