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Partagás Anejo

Partagas Añejo harkens back to the classic, old school blends from years past. Featuring both a 1998 Cameroon and 2013 Connecticut Shade wrapper, the aging of these leaves over the years allows smokers to experience their classic taste profiles. The barber pole wrapper featuring these two leaves offers a unique smoking experience that compliment one another exquisitely. Available in two sizes, we are proud to present a unique mellow-to-medium bodied smoke that smokers, both old and new, will appreciate.


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Deliciously aged Cuban

Smoked at: Jamestown, North Carolina

December 07, 2022 by Tridge800 Rating 4

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Beautiful cigar

Smoked at: Central Point, OR

May 27, 2022 by CgrNBrbn Rating 3

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