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A native to Nicaragua with a rich history in tobacco cultivation and blending, Omar Ortez remains one of the best blender's in the business but constantly maintains a low profile to keep his operation relatively private. Just like the Padron family, Ortez maintains a factory where he personally oversees and controls every aspect of its operations. Due to this reason, Omar Ortez cigars are consistently expertly constructed and rate high with the industry's top publications.

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Omar OrtezMaduros

Omar Ortez Maduros is a diverse and robust full bodied cigar that comes dressed in a dark and oily Nicaraguan Maduro wrapper. Bundled up on the inside…

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Omar OrtezOriginals

Omar Ortez Originals are full bodied, Nicaraguan-made puro that come dressed in a toothy, dark Nicaraguan wrapper. On the inside, a bold mixture of Ni…