At one time, the idea of becoming your own boss was a dream for most people. While achieving financial independence can still be challenging, the good news is that it’s now a possibility — through side hustles and other pursuits — to take greater control over your finances. So, if you want more room in your budget and more free time to enjoy the things you really love (like cigars), then check out a few of our favorite tips for becoming your own boss. 

Finding the Right Side Hustle 

A side hustle should never feel like a burden. Remember, side hustles are jobs that you can do to pick up extra income or learn a new skill — not something that should cause undue stress or worry. That’s why it makes so much sense to pick a side hustle you already understand or even enjoy doing.

For example: if you love dogs (and who doesn’t?), you could consider picking up a side hustle on a platform like Rover, Wag, or Sniffspot, which will allow you to offer dogwalking/dogsitting services in your area. 

Or, if you’re familiar with real estate or have a second home, you could consider renting out a property on Airbnb or VRBO. 

Heck, you could even monetize a love for online gaming by streaming on a platform like Twitch!  

The point is that just about any passion can be leveraged in a side hustle — from operating a ride share vehicle to reselling old collectibles on Ebay. So look for a side hustle that fits your lifestyle and goals!

Becoming Your Own Boss

For some people, starting their own business is the pinnacle of their career. However, no two people take the same path to professional success. It may take decades before you’re in a position to create a successful business. Alternatively, you may have an opportunity to become your own boss right now. 

Regardless, operating as a freelancer (writer, photographer, designer) in some capacity can be a solid side hustle and may even allow you to transition away from full-time employment. Consider websites like Upwork or Fiverr if you’re serious about becoming a freelancer and you have traditional marketing skills like copywriting, digital design, or photography. And if you don’t — don’t sweat it. You could offer what skills you do have through an online course or on an app like Task Rabbit, which prioritizes handiness and practical knowledge. 

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