Let’s set the scene: it’s a beautiful evening. You’re out on the back porch with a few friends, and you’re relaxing with premium cigars and tasty cocktails. All that’s left to complete this awesome setup are a few tunes to elevate the mood! 

This International Music Day, Cigar World is here to help you kick back and enjoy your favorite smoke with some of our favorite songs. Check out our full playlist below and give it a spin today — or the next time you want to chill with a great cigar. 

The List

What’s the best type of music for smoking cigars? Of course, there’s no right or wrong answer to this question, so we’ve tried our best to include a wide variety of songs spanning genres from Metal to Jazz and Hip-Hop to Country. 

We’ve also taken care to include a few artists with tie-ins to the cigar industry. Notably, Drew Estate has collaborated with several big names in the music industry, including Eminem and James Hetfield of Metallica. 

As such, this playlist features artists like Jay-Z, Johnny Cash. Billy Joey, the Black Keys, Frank Sinatra, Nirvana, Skrillex, and more! 

What’s your favorite song or artist to listen to while puffing away on a premium cigar? Sign up for Cigar World and let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to check out our International Music Day playlist!


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    (9 months ago)

    Anything Jack Johnson