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Featured guest Brian Andrews, Founder of Privada Cigar Club, shares his thoughts on the impact of monthly cigar subscriptions services. Are they the future? Are they a fad? Is there…

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Kickass Returns!!

Hey guys sorry it took us forever to get a new video out there, here it is!

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@tntcigars.com_az @cigarwarehousemesa…

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Pepin Mania IX 2019 - Holt's Cigar Company

Pepin Mania IX kicks off today, Thursday, June 20th and tomorrow, Friday, June 21st! Meet the legendary Garcia Family, makers of award-winning brands like My Father, Flor de las Antillas,…

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Check out Matilde Here:

You may know of Matilde Cigars, but do you know the origin of their logo? Enrique sits down with Rob and gives us the history of…

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Rocky Patel Puro Cubano by Hamlet - Cigars International

Puro Cubano. Tobacco done right.

Born and raised in Cuba, Hamlet Paredes is a name you need to become quickly acquainted with. Here’s the skinny: originally working in Habanos S.A.…

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Punch Cigars Presents: Father's Day

Watch to see how Mr. Punch created Father's Day.

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5 Vegas Gold Anniversary Review - Cigars International

A golden anniversary, the 5 Vegas way.

By now, you’ve probably had a chance to try the 5 Vegas Gold. If not, let me fill you in. 5 Vegas Gold is…

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Macanudo Cafe - Cigars International

Ask any Tom, Dick, or Harry what his favorite brand of cigar is, and chances are he’ll blurt out, “Macanudo” before you can even finish asking the question. Sure, there…

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Alec Bradley V2L Black Review - Cigars International

2 Visos, 2 Ligeros, 2 good to pass up.

Alec Bradley is a powerhouse. With so many 90+ ratings, and even a few Cigar of the Year awards under their belt,…

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Choose Your Own Misadventure

I have embarked on brocations of epic proportions – from the shores of Scotland all the way to the coast of Cuba. But between the foam parties and near-nuclear warfare,…

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CAO Honor - Cigars International

Hope for Heroes

Today, I present to you a project that inarguably ranks among the most important efforts we've made to date. CAO Honor. A partnership with Hope for Heroes, a…

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CIGARfest 2019 OFFICIAL RECAP - Cigars International

Another year of cigar debauchery is in the books. Check out the full OFFICIAL RECAP of CIGARfest 2019.

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Padron Cigars Event May 2019 - Holt's Cigar Company

Come meet Jorge Padron in person and enjoy magnificent in-store specials on Padron cigars as well as pick up some Father's day gifts today at our Northeast retail store and…

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Rocky Patel Vintage 1979 - Cigars International

79 – a most fine Vintage indeed

Choosing a favorite Rocky is no easy task, but if you pushed me, I’d lean towards the Vintage family. One of the cigars that…

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Bugatti Mirage - Cigars International

Everyone knows that torch lighters can be finicky from time to time. The Jets can become clogged with dust and ash and purging and refilling with butane can be downright…

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Bugatti Vulcan - Cigars International

The world of torch lighters is about to change as we know it.
Everyone knows that torch lighters can be finicky from time to time. The Jets can become clogged…

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C.A.OH YEAH Sampler

Hey cigar fam, come check out these awesome CAO cigars paired with these awesome bundle cigars!

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CAOh Yeah Sampler!

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Live Preshow #3!

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Jen- @janesoulshine
Harrison- @thesmokinhunter

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Hey Cigar Snobs!

Erik and Jamilet tear through a stack of packages to reveal all sorts of goodies, including cigars, rum and a guayabera.

Let us know in the comments what was…

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The Great Smoke 2019 event.

Host Bill Binder-
Binders Stash-
The Smoke Inn

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Punch Cigars Presents: Spring Break

A Mayan mystery, an annual tradition and lots of twerking. Watch how Mr. Punch made history by creating the first ever Spring Break.

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Let the Misadventures Begin. Again.

Brothers and Sisters, as you’ll recall in my latest Misadventure, we uncovered the origins of some classic spring break staples; including the ye olde wet t-shirt contest, birth of beer…

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Top 10 Rocky Patel Cigars - Holt's Cigar Company

Rocky Patel's extensive portfolio of premium cigars can make it hard to choose just one! Holt's brings you our Top 10 Best Rocky Patel cigars to find your new favorite…

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Rocky Patel Event April 2019 - Holt's Cigar Company

We’re featuring sizzling in-store specials on the esteemed Rocky Patel brand at both Holt’s locations on Thursday, April 11th and Friday, April 12th! Meet Rocky in person and score your…

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CAO World Series with Rick Rodriguez - Cigars International

CAO Master Blender Rick Rodriguez drops by the CI studio to talk about the delicious CAO World Series line up.

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