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PCA 2022: West Tampa Tobacco Co.

Industry veteran Rick Rodriguez, known for his time at CAO, explains his new venture from the show floor.
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PCA 2022: ADV & McKay Cigars Co.

Be prepared for a surprise when you open the lid of one of ADV & McKay's new cigars that it showed off at the 2022 PCA Convention & Trade Show.

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PCA 2022: Wildfire Cigar Co.

I don't give out awards for the best trade show booth but if I did, Wildfire Cigar Co. would get my award. It just makes you smile.
The post PCA 2022:…

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2022 PCA Post Game Report: Day Four

When it comes to Day Four, which is the final day of the Premium Cigar Associate (PCA) Trade Show, there typically is a drop in foot traffic (Cigar Coop describes…

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PCA 2022: Stallone Cigars

A new limited edition from Stallone Cigars is shown off at this year's show and is on its way to retailers.
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Sasquatch Poo? | Cigar prop 2022

There are no tobacco links in the video or video description.

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It's Sasquatch Poo!!

Check out our favorite coffee…

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CigarAndPipes CO Ashdrop 250

This is a crowd sourced cigar deal weekly series with bringing you a VERY special weekly deal that YOU help choose!  Each week there will be three deals to…

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PCA 2022: J. London Cigars

J. London Cigars has become known for its Gold Series, but now the company is expanding its portfolio by way of a new series of 12 cigars that will debut…

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CigarAndPipes JULY 22 Cigar Of The Month Club

This is a limited slot Cigar of the Month club featuring some high end cigars for under $40/mos shipped.  At the time of this video they have opened more slots,…

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The Truth About Padron Cigars

The Padron 1964 Anniversary Series is one of the most sought after premium cigars. However, there was a time in which the beloved cigar was almost drastically changed.

Join Mazz…

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PCA 2022: What’s in My Bag — Charlie Minato

The trade show is more or less over, but here are the things I used to produce the content that you have read and will read. Don't forget to leave…

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All About Craft Beer Fine Spirits and Hand Rolled Cigars!

Cigar Review: CAO "Brazilia" Robusto

Beer Tasting: Ingenious Brewing Company "Mosaic Pils" Classic American Lagered Pilsner (Humble, TX)

Beer Tasting: Firestone…

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Matt Booth Revamps Los Statos Deluxe

Scandinavian Tobacco Group has unveiled the revamped Los Statos Deluxe which was reimagined by Matt Booth and was on display at this year’s Premium Cigar Association Trade Show in Las…

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PCA 2022: JetLine

A last-minute decision to attend the show means a smaller space for the accessory maker this year.
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PCA 2022: Fable Cigars

Fable Cigars is coming out with a new series called Serpents and Scions, with two different cigars to kick it off.
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Macanudo Cafe Series with Laurel Tilley

Laurel Tilly joins us at our headquarters to share with us some interesting facts about the Macanudo brand.

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PCA 2022: Alec Bradley

Alec Bradley is debuting a number of new things at PCA 2022, including a new blend, a size extension of two existing blends, and a special four-pack of some classic,…

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