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top 3 reasons your cigars taste worse

Do your cigars taste worse than they used to?

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PCA 2021: Cavalier Genève

I walked by the aisle that led to the Cavalier Genève booth a few times and things were busy. Eventually, the day comes to an end and I sort of…

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Romeo y Julieta Eternal Cigar Review

This week I revisit the Romeo y Julieta brand with their 145th anniversary Eternal. Join me in my Romeo y Julieta Eternal cigar review to see if I recommend this…

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Camacho Liberty 2021 – Blind Cigar Review

"The flavors were plenty good just a few unwanted notes that didn't go well with the rest of the profile. Draw was great, construction on the other hand and burn…

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PCA 2021: Los Caidos

There was nothing new in terms of products from Los Caidos this year, but the company is gearing up for what should be a 2022 that will have a number…

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Smoke Night LIVE – 2021 PCA Trade Show Re-cap

Friday, July 16th on Smoke Night LIVE we analyse and re-cap the 2021 Premium Cigar Association Trade Show from Las Vegas. Find out who were the winners, who were the…

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In 2009, Ernesto Carrillo created a brand called EPC Cigars and La Historia was Cigar Aficionado's number 2 cigar of 2014.

#EPCarrillo #CigarAficionado #CigarReview

Where I shop for cigars with free…

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PCA 2021: Patina Cigars

If you’ve been following some of the booth posts lately on halfwheel, you might have heard the name Sutliff Tobacco, and it’s for good reason. The company that has largely been known…

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Aging Room Releasing Rare Collection in August

There’s a new Aging Room series coming to store shelves in August, as Rafael Nodal has announced the Aging Room Collection. It’s a project that reunites Rafael Nodal, who is…

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PCA 2021: Dapper Cigar Co.

When we’re talking open concept booths, the design Dapper Cigar Co. used is one of the easiest to navigate. Made up of a central display and storage area, surrounded by…

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Fred Vandermarliere: “I love to bring people together”

The sky over Belgium is blue, and the day between Brussels, Handzame and Zwevegem is similar to this agreeable sunny, warm weather. I'm visiting Frederik Vandermarliere, CEO of J. Cortès…

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Light em Up Lounge – July / August

At the Light em Up Lounge, cigar lovers from around the world come together to celebrate the culture around handmade premium cigars with industry icons.

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The 2021 Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show is now in the annals of history. Following the completion of the show, Bear, Ben, and Coop have a brief recap on…

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Top 5 Anniversary Cigars

A big trend in the cigar industry is Anniversary blends for how long a cigar manufacturer has been in business. So we thought what better way than make a top…

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CigarAndPipes CO Ashdrop 198

This is a crowd sourced cigar deal weekly series with bringing you a VERY special weekly deal that YOU help choose!  Each week there will be three deals to…

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PCA 2021: Crowned Heads

I’m not exactly sure what it is, but there’s something about the Crowned Heads booth that just works. It’s a rectangular shape with built-out corners, meaning some wall panels that…

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Villa Casdagli Pigasus

Welcome to the Tim Rollins channel and my review of the Villa Casdagli Pigasus.

To help keep these reviews going please donate using PayPal and send your donation to,…

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PCA 2021: ADV & McKay Cigar Co.

ADV & McKay was one of a dozen or so companies who were part of the Sutliff Tobacco booth because of their distribution agreement with the company, which marked a…

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