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Omar Fernandez, I'd Tap That Cigar Show Episode 102

Welcome to the I'd Tap That Cigar Show Presented by Corona Cigar.

I'm your host Kevin Shahan and I am coming to you live from the Drew Estate Experience…

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In this video, I unbox the April 2021 cigar club box from Ash Quarterly.

You can find them here →

Tired of having some snobby aficionado tell you what…

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Black Lion Luxuries Monthy Cigar Club Unboxing| Apr. 2021





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Instagram: @Texmexchorizo

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Late in 2020, Davidoff announced a new offering under its Zino brand known as the Zino Platinum Crown Series Limited Edition 2020. Zino is the brand that carries the namesake…

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It's FRRRIIIDDAAAYYYY and we have a bunch of packages y'all! Thanks to everyone who sent in stuff (in order of appearance): PDR Cigars, My Father Cigars, General Cigars, Any Sharp…

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Best Cigars For Watching The Masters - Holt's Cigar Company

Watching your favorite golfer compete in the four-day championship is exciting with so much on the line. Soothe your nerves with one of the top six cigars to smoke while…

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Long Ash Podcast: HVC Pan Caliente

This week on the podcast, Nick and Greg chat about the finer things in life all while smoking the HVC Pan Caliente. For more information on this cigar, go here:…

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CRAZY Sales Stories | Cold Calling in THE HOOD!

Being in sales, we have some CRAZY sales stories. From angry customers, to drunken nights, to almost getting jumped in the hood! It's story time and we're telling sales stories,…

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My Cigar Pack is Killin it with these packs and now... what's this? Foundation cigar is on board and taking over our packs?!

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Join My Cigar Pack…

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The Perla del Mar series is a Cigar Advisor favorite for its ability to dish out big flavors for short money. Can their new Perla del Mar Corojo cigar addition…

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Every cigar maker has a reputation among cigar lovers. Some have great reputations, and others... not so much. Macanudo is a time tested brand that has been accused, by some,…

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Blind Cigar Review: Espinosa | Warzone Short Churchill

"This was a great cigar. It was mild to medium in strength which gave me some nice cream mixed with floral and chocolate flavors with a hint of nuts here…

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2021 CA Report: 10 Top Corona Cigars Under $10

No matter what size cigar you’re enjoying right now, it probably started its life as a Corona. Check out some brief history on what makes this classic size so important…

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Oettinger Davidoff AG to relaunch its Zino brand

Oettinger Davidoff AG relaunches its Zino cigar line for open minded and spontaneous aficionados.

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Prime Time Episode 182: Juan Lopez, Gurkha Cigars

It’s been a while but we are honored to have Juan Lopez, Vice President of Gurkha Cigars make his return to Prime Time. Juan’s always an entertaining and informative guest,…

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