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WINNER!! September 2020 Giveaway - Should I Smoke This

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JetLine Jetmaster

A good number of the emails and messages that we receive have to do with asking for a recommendation on something cigar-related. I know that I’ve been asked a number…

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Interview with Ricky Rodriguez from CAO Cigars

CAO Cigars and More!!!!

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We returned from our Casa Cuba photo shoot in Utah and found the office full of packages! So let's get 'em open. In the video Jamy is smoking Romeo y…

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The Honest Cigar Podcast (Episode 10) - Life Lessons with Pops

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SoySauceAssassin Friday PodCast Presidential Cigars?

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Chat, Cigar review, gear review and fun!

#SoysauceAssassin #CigarReview #ShadowSmokersLegion #SSL #CigarsDailyNation…

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Drew Estate has announced the release of the Herrera Esteli Ho’ala Tienda Exclusiva for Hawaiian Retailers. This limited release will be available at a Drew Estate virtual event hosted by…

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Black Label Trading Company Super Deluxe Interview

On another website of our Virtual Herf, Nick sits down with James Brown from Black Label Trading Company. They talk & smoke about the all new and very…

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Lotus Group Releases Vertigo Blade Lighter

The toro size has seemingly become the go-to vitola for cigars, and now there’s a new lighter from The Lotus Group in nearly that same size for its Vertigo brand.…

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Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Box-Pressed Maduro Epicure

For a company known for having a stalwart consistency throughout its portfolio, the last few years have seen a surprising amount of change for Perdomo Cigars. This includes a new…

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We made it to 2,000 subscribers on YouTube! You had a whole month to submit your entries and now we're reacting to them!!

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Blind Cigar Review: Villiger | La Vencedora Churchill

"Just in terms of flavor this was actually a very good cigar. The smoke output was creamy, the draw was nice if I held it just right, and it burned…

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El Artista Announces New Products for 2020-2021

Tabacalera El Artista announces two new line extensions for existing brands and one full rebrand. Fugly Cheroots and Buffalo Ten each add a line and the eight-year-old Puro Ambar gets…

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Principle Aviator Cigar Review

Aviator Grande Pyramide Cigar review, made by Principle cigars at Kelner Boutique Factory. Blended by Hendrik Kelner. Part of my August Luxury Cigar Club box

August Un boxing Luxury Cigar…

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Prime Time Episode 157: Adrian Acosta, The Cigar Culture

For Prime Time Episode 157, Adrian Acosta from The Cigar Culture makes his Prime Time Show debut.

Adrian’s got a long history in the cigar business – from Nat Sherman…

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