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Cigar Review | Liga Privada 10th Aniversario | RonRealTV

#cigars #aficionado #DrewEstate #stogie #LigaAniversario

In this video I’ll be smoking the Liga Privada 10 year Aniversario. Big deal right? Pretty big milestone for Drew Estate, but does it…

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Matilde Serena Cigar Review (LeeMack912 (S06 E94)

Matilde Serena Cigar Review (LeeMack912 (S06 E94), #leemack912

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How to Light a Cigar | The Burn Down Academy

How to Light a Cigar - The Burn Down boys teach you the proper ways to light a cigar, with a torch lighter, match or cedar sleeve.


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AVO Syncro Nicaragua Fogata Short Torpedo

In June 2016, Davidoff of Geneva USA released a new variant of its box-pressed AVO Syncro Nicaragua line that had debuted one earlier. Named Syncro Nicaragua Fogata, the new line was introduced…

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How to Cut a Cigar | The Burn Down Academy

How to Cut a Cigar - The Burn Down boys teach you 4 different ways to cut a cigar:

1. Straight Cut

2. Punch Cut

3. V-Cut

4. X-Cut


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Tonight my guest is, Jim Campbell, the other half of Amerian Viking Cigars. Him and I will be enjoying some AVC sticks and answering your cigar questions and comments. Make…

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Flavor Odyssey – Bacon & Cigars With Fred Rewey

Wednesday, June 24th, it’s our first WILDCARD episode of the season and it wont get any more wild than this. Robby and Randy welcome in Fred Rewey former owner of…

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Battle of the Bundles is where we take two cigars that are available in a bundle pack and we battle them against each other for flavor and price. This week…

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From Speakeasy to Puccini

On Friday 19th June, a very interesting tasting was held on Zoom, featuring the Toscano Puccini and the products of the Silvio Carta Company.

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Blind Cigar Review: Illusione | Epernay 10th Anniversary d’Aosta

"Overall, this was a very very good medium bodied smoke that anyone could enjoy with an awesome first two thirds and a decent last third that wasn’t as impressive as…

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CA Report: Top New Cigars (June 22 2020)

New cigars? Now we’re talking! Get summer started with the freshest cigar arrivals at Famous Smoke Shop and smoke what you’ve been missing!
The post CA Report: Top New Cigars…

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Weekly News (June 22, 2020)

News Altadis U.S.A. Adds Romeo by Romeo y Julieta Magnum Amendola Family Cigar Co. Moves Factories, Updates Portfolio AVO Classic Maduro Ships Crowned Heads Sends Four Kicks No. 7 to…

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