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Crowned Heads La Coalicion (Full Review) - Should I Smoke This


Here's a review on the Crowned Heads (and Drew Estate) La Coalicion Siglo Cigar. The stats of this stick are listed in the first 20 seconds of the video…

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Hawaii Legislators Propose Raising Tobacco Purchasing Age to 25

Just as the ink on a federal increase to the tobacco purchasing age has dried, a pair of legislators in Hawaii have introduced a bill to raise the age to purchase…

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Deadwood Sweet Jane Cigar Review

I have to say Drew Estate's Deadwood Sweet Jane is probably one of the most unique cigars I've come across. If the sugar skull band does not grab your attention,…

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The Owl Shop Cigar Review 2020 | Cigar Prop

You can check out The Owl Shop at →

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Also if you are into cold…

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FINALLY!!! The New

We've been talking for a long time about updating to bring you some new features and functionality. Now it's finally feeling like it was worth the wait. We've updated…

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REDO: Highclere Castle Victorian Toro (Take 2)

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