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Big Sky The Madison

Even a casual cigar smoker most likely is aware of some general history of cigars around the world, from blends rolled in Cuba, to Nicaragua, to the Dominican Republic, Honduras…

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My Cigar Pack & Factory Direct | November 2020

I unbox and review the November 2020 offerings for My Cigar Pack and Factory Direct.

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My Humidor Tour 2020 | Cigar Prop

In this video, I give you a tour of my cigar humidors.

And I tell you what happened to my old steampunk'd cigar humidor.

Make sure you head over…

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Limited Edition Diesel Sherry Cask Barber Pole Cigar Review

Diesel's barrel aged collection has been a big hit this year, which is probably why we're seeing this limited edition barrel aged barber pole. It has a combo broadleaf &…

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Luxury Cigar Club Latest

Luxury Cigar Club

Unboxing featuring the latest addition of the CORE line!

Visit Luxury Cigar Club:

CigarVixen 2021calendar:

All 3 calendars:

Mi Querida poster calendar:

Sobremesa poster calendar:


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CIGAR LOTTERY - Drawing 12-05-2020

To play Cigar Lottery (and more), SIGN UP:


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CigarAndPipes Holiday Contest!

CigarAndPipes is sponsoring a big contest for you guys to win 4 sweet prize packs detailed in the vid! Entries will be taken for the next week, through Sunday Dec.…

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Room 101 Death Bucket 2 | LeeMack912 Cigar Review (S06 E182)

Room 101 Death Bucket 2 | LeeMack912 Cigar Review (S06 E182). A follow-up to the Room101 Death Bucket that first appeared in 2018. Nicaraguan habano wrapper over an…

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175. SoySauceAssassin Chat. Ft. CAO Vision...2 year anniversary coin!?

#ShadowSmokersLegion #SoySauceAssassin #IRL #CigarChat

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