TobaccoNicaraguan Maduro

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Bull Moose Maduro Box Image

Chillin' MooseBull Moose Maduro

Chillin’ Moose's big brother, Bull Moose got your attention in 2022. The Bull is back…bolder and darker than ever. Chillin' Moose continue…

Payback Nicaragua Box Image

Room 101Payback Nicaragua

Engineered with the most current tobacco technologies available today. A repayment to you, our revered brand enthusiast for years of dedication and s…

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1926 Serie Maduro Box Image

Padron1926 Serie Maduro

Crafted to celebrate the 90th birthday of cigar icon Jose Orlando Padron, Padron 1926 Serie Maduro is an immaculate full bodied cigar. On the outside,…

1964 Anniversary Series Maduro Box Image

Padron1964 Anniversary Series Maduro

Padron 1964 Anniversary Series Maduro is an uber-smooth and complex, box-pressed cigar. Full bodied and full flavored, you’ll find a perfectly constru…

Family Reserve Maduro Box Image

PadronFamily Reserve Maduro

Padron Family Reserve Maduro is a complex, flavorful and downright exceptional full bodied cigar. On the outside, your eyes will meet a dark and oily…

Habano Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maduro Box Image

PerdomoHabano Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maduro

Perdomo Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maduro is a medium to full-bodied melting pot of a cigar. It comes dressed in a mysteriously dark Nicaraguan Maduro wrappe…

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Padron Series Box Image

PadronPadron Series

Padron Series cigars are robust Nicaraguan puros cultivated from Esteli that boast deep, consistent, and complex flavors. On the exterior, there’s two…

Craft Series Maduro Box Image

PerdomoCraft Series Maduro

Perdomo Craft Series Maduro is a full flavored, medium to full bodied cigar that adorns a dark and oily Nicaraguan Maduro wrapper. Cloaked underneath,…

20th Anniversary Maduro Box Image

Perdomo20th Anniversary Maduro

Perdomo 20th Anniversary Maduro is a undeniably-skillful full-bodied cigar. It comes dressed in a gorgeous, Nicaraguan Maduro wrapper that’s enticingl…