Punch KBM

Punch Knuckle Buster Maduro

We know a thing or 2 about making great cigars. I mean we’ve been doing this a long time. Some may even say we’re the best in the universe. But, hey, who are we to disagree. So, to celebrate the fact that we’re awesome we decided to blend another smash hit for your face. Welcome to the family Knuckle Buster Maduro.

This stellar blend is packed with flavor from the first puff. A dark and oily Broadleaf wrapper crams a bunch strength and sweetness counterbalanced by robust and spicy Nicaraguan fillers held tight by an Indonesian binder.

You get the usual gaggle of flavors and aromas…fresh chopped trees, apple pies cooling in windows, No.2 pencils being sharpened, and the smell of someone in your neighborhood grilling meat.

Just kidding. It smells and tastes like a good cigar for around 6 dollars. You know, the ones where you say, “this is so good I’ll buy the whole box”.


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Tasting Notes

Nutty, Molasses, Black Cherry, Cocoa

Drink Pairings

Stout, Port, Coffee

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